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interview by Valerie Fair

ARTISTS ON THE CUTTING EDGE: Hello Nikki Rhodes. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?
NIKKI RHODES: When I was a child, my dad and I would read the comic section every Sunday and recreate the characters. His favorite to draw was Blondie, and mine was Beetle Bailey. He was so patient with me; it was the freest I've ever felt. He helped me create a space that allowed me to tap into my creative light. I knew then that I wanted to be an artist when I got older. I went to college right out of high school in 1990 and majored in art education. I wanted to be an art teacher. However, my counselor told me then that the future trend is to cut funding for school art programs. Therefore, selecting a field with better career opportunities for longevity may be more financially beneficial to my future.
So, I chose Early Childhood Education and spent the next 30+ years developing my career. In 2015 and 2016, some tragic events caused me to reevaluate my existence. Consequently, my true passion as an artist reemerged during the next five years, leading me to start my own business and debut my first exhibit.

AOTCE: How long have you been in the arts.

NIKKI RHODES: Professionally, since 2020.
AOTCE: Who inspired your interest in the arts?

NIKKI RHODES: My dad was my inspiration. Even though his physical body is no longer on this earth, his spirit and vibrational energy continue encouraging and inspiring my art.

AOTCE: Who was your biggest supporter?

NIKKI RHODES: My husband is my rock. He supports me in whatever makes me happy, and creating art makes me the happiest. My inner tribe of close friends and family help keep me grounded and
centered by consistently being available as sounding boards for new artworks.

AOTCE: Have you ever taught art?
NIKKI RHODES: No, not formally. However, I am presently working on a new style of meditation for retreats and workshop sessions to incorporate art therapy.

AOTCE: How would you describe your work? What category would you put your art?
NIKKI RHODES: I am a vibrational artist. As a photographer, I capture images. However, magic happens during the creative process, which I call "meditative art". The result is my brand: Divinely Elevated Artworks. Though it may not be a category in 2023, eventually, historians will categorize my art as "vibrational art".
AOTCE: Are you a full time artist? What is your medium of choice?
NIKKI RHODES: Yes. I do Photography.
AOTCE: Do you have a studio or is your studio at home?
NIKKI RHODES: My studio is wherever I am. My husband and I are nomads who've been on a journey traveling all 50
states since 2019 that we call "Anywhere the Wind Takes Us". So, therefore, my artworks are created in whatever rental or hotel we are staying in at the time.

AOTCE: Did you show your work during the past year?
NIKKI RHODES: Yes. Each year since 2020, I've had an annual exhibit where I show my current artwork.
AOTCE: Did your art change over the years?
NIKKI RHODES: Yes, because my vibrational energy has changed over the years. The more I journey inward as a vibrational artist, the more my artworks reflect that energy. It is evolving and becoming more defined.
AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?
NIKKI RHODES: You can view my exhibits and any new artwork on my website and online shop

AOTCE: What do you hope the viewer will come away with after viewing your work?
NIKKI RHODES: I hope the viewer is left with positive vibrational energy after experiencing my artwork. As a lightworker, it is my purpose to share my light through the gift of art to help increase the Collective Universal Vibe. Therefore, it is highly important that viewers allow themselves to connect with my artwork on a deeper level to experience a higher frequency.
AOTCE: Who is your favorite artist or influence?

NIKKI RHODES: My dad's vibrational energy and metaphysical spirit, as well as my intuition, influence my artwork.
AOTCE: Do you mentor or teach today?
NIKKI RHODES: Yes, informally to whoever is willing to absorb my light.
AOTCE: What words of wisdom would you like to leave our readers?
NIKKI RHODES: Goddess recently revealed my soul purpose as a lightworker. Therefore, I intend to share my light with the Collective through my artworks to help raise the Universal Vibe. When you view my artwork, I challenge you to open your third eye and allow my gift to inspire and motivate you deep within to shine your light with the Collective as well. Let's get high together and raise the vibe! I let it be so, and so it is.



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