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We are excited to select the newest book by writer I.L. Cannon "For the Love of Dog Tales 2". He takes us on a journey that many may be unfamiliar with. The inner workings of what humans and animals are capable of.  I encourage each of us to read this tome with the ability to tap into all that is good within each of us. 

If you have not read his first volume, "For the Love of Dog Tales" you may find it as enlightening as the second. Enjoy the read!


It has been seven years since the inception of Artists On The Cutting Edges aka AOTCE and I want to thank those artists who believed in a vision through their willingness to be interviewed.  My learning curve was steep, and many artists came along for the ride.  As much as I am driven to give back to the art community by featuring other artists, the need to be a working artist keeps calling my name.  AOTCE has seen many artist's careers thrive and many have gone on to shine. For that I am grateful.  However, my first love has always been as a working artist.  I am driven to do the best I can in all endeavors.  As a result, I will be stepping down from the task of editor/publisher of AOTCE.  AOTCE will not say goodbye forever, but for now the decision to lay it to rest has been made.  I hope to see you in those streets and on those gallery and museum walls.  Goodbye for now!



Peacefully, Valerie Fair


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