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There are few things that are more pleasurable and fundamentally necessary than the knowledge gained from a delightful book.  Whether you read fiction or non-fiction it matters little.  You can download audio books and listen to them on you electronic devise, get the books from your local library, listen to them on YouTube, or get a book from your local bookstore.  Included are a few bookstores that you may browse and find some selections to start you on your way.  Enjoy Reading!

I.L. Cannon newest book is

"For The Love of Dog Tales 2"

This book is not only for dog and cat lovers but everybody. It tells the story of several characters, Swiftclaw, Ebe, Deake O and Blu. This book is fiction yet I.L. Cannon brings to life each animal and we slowly begin to see each one as a metaphor for human activity.  Suspend any judgement until you read this tome and you will at once be surprised, holler, cry and smile at the triumps and human relationships between each character. It is one of those books that you want to know how each character survives so you keep reading. I suggest you get a copy at your favorite bookstore or you can also get it at Walmart, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. Either way, you"ll be glad you did!




Grazzroots Books & Juice Bar - Phoenix, AZ

Howard University Bookstore - Washington, DC

The Light Bar - New York

44th and 3rd Bookseller - Atlanta, GA

A Cultural Exchange - Cleveland, OH

African Imports Houston - Houston, TX

Beyond Barcodes - Indianaoplis, IN

Black Stone Bookstore and Cultural Center - Ypsilanti, MI

Cultural Books - St. Petersburg, Florida

Detroit Book City - Southfield, MI

Schomburg Center for Research into Black Culture - New York, NY

Shrine of the Black Madonna, Detroit, MI

Source Booksellers - Detroit, MI

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I.L. Cannon,author of
"For The Love of Dog Tales"
"For The Love Of Dog Tales2"

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