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Photographs: ©2010-2021, Harry Gamboa Jr.

SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing, presented at Vincent Price Art Museum in 2012 exhibited in the museum’s Hoy Gallery measured 31 x 25 x 12 feet.  In conjunction with this solo exhibition, frequent collaborator LA artist, Harry Gamboa Jr., wrote a 20-minute monologue entitled “Another Hole in the Behead,” which I performed in Spring 2012 at the Museum.  During this period, Gamboa documented and directed me in a guerrilla street art performance in Pasadena. The results were 16 unique computer manipulated portrait images of me in various states of morphing and disintegration.  Of my feralscapes, Vincent Price Art Museum wrote, “Cortéz’s large-scale installation SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing consists of a densely collaged wall-based work. The piece examines the multiplicity of meaning within language.  Through a non-traditional process of acquisition, the artist constructs a seemingly nonsensical assortment of images that enact the type of information overload we encounter in everyday life.  Acting as a type of social anthropologist, Cortéz collects everything as tokens of our cultural propensity for accumulation and creates from them a contradictory arrangement in which order/disorder and novelty/banality collide.  SUDDENLY WE HAD nothing mixes the classification strategy of natural history display and the hyper-real world of commercial slogans.  Faced with this excess of visuals, the viewer may interpret meaning from the installation’s jumbled and chaotic rhizomatic networks.” Also, SomeTHING about NOBOBY knowing ANYTHING for sure: Onestep in front of my shadow at Wignall Contemporary Art Museum (The Wig) at Chaffey College in 2011. The Wignall Museum’s director and exhibition curator, Rebecca Trawick wrote, “Through intricate and obsessive collections of mass-produced ephemera and the incorporation of language onto his works, Cortéz creates visual poetry, inviting the viewer to make his or her conclusions about the work.” The two-month installation primarily consisted of individually placing objects both on the walls and on twenty custom-made, two-tiered, biomorphically shaped display units painted eggshell white installed in the main gallery measuring 46 x 46 x 12 feet over the period of three weeks leading up to the opening.


Photographs: ©2010-2021. Harry Gamboa Jr.


"Striking Distance"

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