Tom Lockhart 

Founder & International Travel Coordinator

A Journey of Discovery and Self-Awareness

The concept of Black Horizons Travel, was created in the summer of 2016 when friends at a reunion in Harlem New York, expressed interest in visiting Europe. After some thought, it was concluded the tools necessary to create a successful international Black travel tour were all in the box.  Tom Lockhart, founder of BHT understood that he could not only help to reveal an enormous Black presence around the world, but could also finally provide Black Americans with a way to travel together internationally and finally see the world from a perspective that was relevant to them.


Not long after this revelation, Black Horizons Travel embraced Nazlah Hassan as a full partner.  An avid traveler, history lover and a fellow Harlemite.  Nazlah was the heaven-sent, missing piece of the machine.

Nazlah has been a Superwoman in helping to promote, recruit, organize and handle the increasing amount of detail that comes our way, as we look to expand and increase the quality of the travel experience. Her enthusiasm for travel, Black history and a strong love for Black culture, creativity, and art, generates a powerful energy which keeps this engine running toward expansion, greater efficiency and a richer experience for our travelers.  I shudder to think what it would have been if we had missed this opportunity to work together!  Now, the idea could be set in motion and the dream could finally become a reality.

The Edge

Having lived and worked in Europe, more than 40 years and traveled to many destinations all over the continent, Thomas Lockhart, former professional basketball player, and marketing-communications specialist, decided that it was time to put together a tour aimed at guiding  Black-American tourists through Europe and the world. Not just to see the popular sightseeing attractions, and locations Europe is known for, but wherever possible, discover the role that Black people played and are still playing, in the development of Europe.


This significant presence actually dates back as far as the 3rd century AD, but why has this important truth been covered up and virtually erased from the history books?

And of course, we shed light on the dark, gruesome institution of slavery that was the evil wind that scattered Black Africans all over the world, as far away as Asia and the South Pacific.

But at the same time touring fascinating landmarks, and visiting symbols of the overwhelming cultural, architectural, and scientific achievements of Western Europe. Amsterdam, London, Paris, Milan, Venice, Rome, Athens Stockholm, Cologne, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Barcelona, Istanbul and several more are destinations on our bucket list in the next few years! After that, we plan to travel to locations in Africa, The Caribbean, South America, Asia, the Fiji Islands and Tonga in the South Pacific.

When it's finally safe to travel again, we are ready to take our travelers on a once-in-a-lifetime Black travel experience to some of the most fascinating destinations in the world!



Tom Lockhart Founder & International Travel Coordinator

about tom

Tom grew up in Harlem and The Bronx New York, attended the Bronx High School of Science where he excelled in biology and later went to Manhattan College and studied Journalism and Communications.  As an All-American basketball player drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA, he eventually played as a professional in Europe, living and playing in Sweden, Holland, France Switzerland, while visiting Denmark, Finland Russia, Poland Luxembourg, Germany, England and Belgium over the past 40+ years.

During this time, he has traveled and guided groups back and forth between the USA and Europe.  Tom also worked for many years in marketing communications for multinational firms like Phillips, Alstom, and Roche, and as a copywriter and marketing communications specialist in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Along the way he learned to speak German, French and Dutch and is currently studying Italian.

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