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Do you think your art has changed over the years?

Tiera Knaff: I would say my art has definitely changed over the years.  I've become more comfortable with my style and my characters.  I truly love watching the process as I get older.

Where can your work be seen?

Tiera Knaff: I'm always doing art shows all over the city of Detroit.  So far, my occupying locations have been Detroit and Canton.  I most recently exhibited in Canton.  You can also see my work online on my social media pages.  My Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will all have them.  My profile name is !@T_Knaff same for all platforms.  

What do you hope the viewer will come away with after viewing your art and is that important?

Tiera Knaff:I hope the viewer will take away that consistency is key with anything you want to pursue as a career.  In addition, to remain yourself with anything you do.  Never let anyone try to dictate and distract you from any vision that you have for yourself.  I was told many times that my art style will not carry me far and that I should pursue fine art if I wanted my art to be in galleries.  Well, I can say I think they were wrong.

Who is your favorite artist or influence?

Tiera Knaff: My favorite artists are K A W S and Virgil Abloh.  These two have similar backgrounds, but different mindsets when it comes to the arts.  K A W S is a huge influence for me because he turned his characters into tangible products.  He explored the spectrum of being an artist by turning his artwork into clothing, figurines, jewelry, and even statues.  His influence on me is to create bigger and better even if I feel I've already accomplished what I wanted to do.  Virgil is a big influence to me as well because he showed me how to innovate.  He was an architect first then became a fashion designer creating things he wanted to see.  I love that because I am a product designer also known as industrial design.  I have an interest in creating clothing of my own.  He influenced me to question and explore everything and to always think outside the box.

"D-Girl", 20" x 20", Acrylic on canvas

Photograph by the artist.

"Let Me Create #9, "24 x 36", Acrylic on canvas,  Photographer Sarah Fleming

"Moonlight", 16" x 20", Acrylic on canvas, Photography by the artist.

Do you mentor or teach today?

Tiera Knaff: I don't teach or mentor permanently but some of my siblings and cousins have been exploring art heavily and if they have certain questions, I'm always open to answering and helping.  I guess that would technically be mentoring.

What words of wisdom would you like to leave our readers?

Tiera Knaff: Move at your own pace and stay consistent.  Always follow your first mind when it comes to making your vision happen.  Your intuition never lies.

Thank you for being as open as you were with Artists On The Cutting Edge and it's readers!

Tiera Knaff: Thank you for having me.  I appreciate you all for letting me share.

Our pleasure!

If you want to purchase or commission special pieces from Tiera Knaff, feel free to email her at tknaff360@gmail.com or her website Artbytknaff.bigcartel.com. 

Tiera Knaff also has a clothing brand with her partner called "Flexing Is Art".  You can check them out on Instagram and Facebook by the username "Flexingisart".



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