photography by Jeff Cancelosi

AOTCE: When did you get into the arts?

Reggie Singleton: I've been creating some type of art for as long as I can remember.  It has been the most consistent thing in my life.

AOTCE: What type of art do you create?  Representation, abstract, etc.?

REGGIE S: The style of art I created is called Surongajii. It utilizes the free flow of creativity to express that which is felt.  Surongajii combines wood sculpture and framing to create a seminal work of art.  I’ve developed this style for over six years, and it continues to progress every day.

AOTCE: Why do you think photo realism is prominent today?

REGGIE S: Through photo realism, a human connection is established between the viewer and that which the artist is trying to convey. We have an opportunity to see ourselves in the subject; whether it be someone who looks like us, or someone going through similar situations.

AOTCE: What is your subject?

REGGIE S: My subject is emotion.  In every work I do, emotions play a prominent role.  I find that the expression of emotions can capture a viewer’s attention for whatever limited amount of time they stand before the work. Hopefully the work is so compelling that it lingers within that person.  This will either bring them back to the work or cause them to want to purchase the work so they can experience it for the rest of their lives.


AOTCE:  What is your medium of choice, and do you use more than one?

REGGIE S: I don’t have a particular medium I prefer over another.  I work in pen and ink, wood, acrylic, collage, and glass.


AOTCE: Do you create regularly?  How often?

REGGIE S: I create every day. It is important for an artist to regularly express themselves in order to find their own voice.

AOTCE: What is your motivation?

REGGIE S: Art is a healing force.  When we create, we let out those feelings that are within us and give them to the viewer or collector that is receptive to the work.  By releasing, we heal and by receiving, they are healed.

AOTCE: Who are your greatest influences?

REGGIE S: My father. He instilled hard work and determination within me.  I call upon these valuable tools each day I practice art.

AOTCE: Whose work do you admire and why?

REGGIE S:  I admire the work of Al Loving.  I’m amazed by the sense of freedom, movement, and color he captures in his works. He constantly pushed his own craft beyond its possibilities, while still expressing the world that was going on around him.

AOTCE: Do you have any art exhibits or other events coming up?

REGGIE S:  I currently have work at the Swords and Plowshares Gallery, the address is 33 East Adams St, Detroit, Mi.  I also have a solo exhibition coming up at the Congregation Detroit on December 11, 2021.  The address is 9321 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit, Mi.

AOTCE: Do you have an online presence where your work can be seen?

REGGIE S: Yes. My website is  I am on Facebook: Instagram:

AOTCE: Thank you Reggie for the interview.  It was AOTCE'S pleasure to get to know something about you and your art!

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