Welcome to the year 2020!  It is a brand new year and we alone have the power to make it a year where we continue to push forward in our quest to be the best that we can be.  This year, we will recognize our authority over our life and that we alone are responsible for it's triumphs as well as it's failures.

Those who are featured in this issue have many triumphs in their chosen fields, and Artists On The Cutting Edge has chosen to celebrate them in this first issue of 2020.  Stephanie James, Curator and Education Director of the Mott-Warsh Collection and Gallery is such a woman.  Read about her contributions to the  community of often doing the work of installing the work of artists, researching, and her inventiveness in making sure that artists from the diaspora are represented in the gallery in Flint, Michigan.

Others who are also documented in this issue, may or may not be visual artist per say, but are mover and shakers in the community and their impact is equally, if not profoundly important.  They include Annette Yates, Owner/Operator of Setay's Fitness and Dance Event Center.   Ebone Johnson an Art Party Planner, multi-talented Rob Ambroise who is a former actor turned playwright/director as well as a community organizer and planner.  Lowaunz Farrow is a dynamic photographer that will offer us a glimpse into the soul of the Cuban people.  Finally, Miasia Pasha who not only provides guidence and material wealth to homeless women, but finds the time to create a clothing cover called Snapwraps that can be used universally by all women.


In our third year of publication it is our hope that we continue to uplift those who have been placed on societies margins and elevate them to center stage where they belong.  The year 2020 offers AOTCE the opportunity to continue that work. 


Wishing you and yours the best of a focused new year. 



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