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Publishers Comments

2020 has been quite the year!  Many of us have lived to breathe a sigh of relief and too many others have not.  In the wake of 2020 we create art with an urgency and a renewed sense of purpose.  


It has been a real challenge for some of us, having to be confined to our home with the resultant online meetings, schooling, mentoring and staying in touch with family.    We came to know what was important to us.  


So, we go on, just like life would go on without us.  Yet, here we are.  Alive, creating, and loving life with our renewed committment to giving the best of ourselves.  With the idea of giving our best, Artist On The Cutting Edge is proud to present Dr. Ade Ofunniyin a long time activist, researcher, and educator.  Dr. Ade Ofunniyin brings us his learned first hand knowlege of Gullah culture.  In addition AOTCE bring to our readers the stellar portrait artist Eddie Filer, musician DJ Mistamonotone aka Tony Tone, and more.

During these uncertain times, when the numbers for those contracting Covid is still high, and the deaths from this dreadful disease continues to rise, we at AOTCE ask that you be mindful of your health and by doing so, you will be keeping someone else alive.  Follow the science.  Wear you mask, wash your hands, and practice social distancing!

Live, Create, Repeat!

Valerie Fair/Publisher