Publishers Comments

Artists On The Cutting Edge hopes that we continue to bring you good news about the many ways the visual arts can bring you pleasure and light.   Especially, in the wake of the quarantine, disinformation, and missing our loved ones.  By providing the light AOTCE brings some new jacks and older heads to the table. 


This a must issue because we bring to the table Assata Sherrill who is a world adventurer and traveler.  Assata gives credence to the word, fearless, and in this issue, you will come to understand why.

You will meet and see the work of a new generation of artists including Joshua Rainer a painter and Darin Darby's inventive way of seeing.   Le’Noir Verset will set us aglow with her thought provoking poetry.  Steven Mealey a painter, and Lonnell Hurst, a photographer, have been in the game for some time yet, they both retain their authenticity and freshness.  

Later this month you will be introduced Dr. Ade Ofunniyin, Peter Williams and Kanu Jacobson. 

A first for AOTCE, we will be using an old technology used in a new way, to speak with both

Dr Ade Ofunniyin and Peter Williams.

Dr. Ade Offuniyin educates AOTCE and its readers about the condition of the Gullah people.  The Gullah, as he explains, are from the islands located in the virions of South Carolina.  His talk is not to be missed as he informs us about the uniqueness of being Gullah.

Peter Williams brings new canvases and Kanu Jacobson comes to us with an all-important topic, LOVE.  Kanu Jacobsen interviews multiple people, single and married folks, about their take on the topic.  Kanu offers us a glimpse into how we can navigate love, through her podcast, as well as her counselling classes that puts people on the track for, Real Love Real Stories.

This issue promises to bring you art and people that speak loudly and often in the face of a society that today, ask that we be silent and go away.  Thankfully these artists and others never got the memo!


Valerie Fair/Publisher