What a year we have had thus far.  In the mist of a viral pandemic, all people, around the world gather and protest for a long overdue JUSTICE.  We remember that it is encumbered upon us, to never forget history and to continue to be forever vigilant.   As with everything we must remember that the goals of freedom and justice, are never free.

So we move forward.  In spite of all that has occurred and sometimes because of it, AOTCE has sought to bring you relevant information about the art you crave.  Artists representative Sherry Washington tells us about her path to becoming a part of the arts scene.  The artist, Carlos Ramierz speaks directly to the issues of equity and equality in his phenomenal art works and if your desire is to see the world and its history up close and personal, Tom Lockhart and Nazzlah Hassan can take you on a travelling tour with Black Horizons Travel, where they make history come alive.

AOTCE has created an outlet for artists and our readers to speak their truths.  "Artist Speak On It" is such a page.  If you have something that you think will add to the dialogue or words of wisdom, please submit your positive opinions to AOTCE at artistonthecuttingedge@gmail.com or directly through the contact page.  Please note that all submission cannot be published but all submissions will be read and considered.  

In addition, AOTCE has provided a place where those who supply art,          t-shirts, real estate and more can be accessed through our pages.  Be aware that all purchases are through the prospective individual person or company. AOTCE takes no responsibility for these sites or vendors.   Call or click the image to be directed to their site.  

In closing, we ask that in light of the pandemic, please do the responsible thing, keep your environment clean, wear mask and wash your hands.  Being sure to keep your hands out of your face.  Stay safe, stay healthy!

Valerie Fair/Publisher