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OShun Williams/Artist

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Photographer Kyle Powell

Photographer Kyle Powell

ARTIST ON THE CUTTING EDGE: How did you come to art?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: For as long as I know I have been fascinated with the world of art and creating. I remember creating my first piece in preschool. From then on you could always find me drawing out the innovative images that would lead me to where I am today. 


AOTCE: How long have you been in the arts?

2A. I have been creative for many years now. I am a self-taught emerging artist rapidly flourishing in the Metro-Detroit arts community. 

​AOTCE: Who were your biggest supporters and how?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: If I had to pick a group of supporters it would be the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast Club. I have several members that have become collectors of my work. They are the reason where I am now. My career flourished as an artist in just a span of 6 months since joining the group. The group composes artists to be successful individuals.


AOTCE: Have you ever taught art?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: No, I have not ever taught art. The closest I was to teaching art was mentoring a younger teenager for a couple summers that helped me out with a couple of projects. 

AOTCE: How would you describe your work? What category would the historians put your art in?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: I am known for my unique complementary style.  I apply my own chenille patches to my works of art to add a mixed media touch to my pieces. I paint with acrylic on canvas and occasionally use newspaper to perceive texture throughout my pieces. My work is very innovative and fresh to the public. My ambition is to captivate the comprehension of others by composing distinguished works of art.


AOTCE: Are you a full-time artist?  If not, what else do you do?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: I have been a full-time artist since August of last year. Before diving full time into the fine arts category, I was an owner of a clothing brand, “MittenMade Originals.” The brand was a highly successful clothing line based out of my hometown, Pontiac, MI. I ran the brand full-time for about 7-8 years before becoming a full-time artist.

AOTCE: What is your medium of choice?

OSHUN WILLIAMS: My choice of medium would be classified as mixed media art because of the variety of mediums I use in my works of art. I generate art by applying acrylic on canvas. I use different mediums such as chenille patches, fabrics, and newspapers to bring diversity into my paintings.

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Credit for the photography goes to the artist and is copywritten. All rights to all images remain the property of the artist and can not be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the artist.

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AOTCE: Do you have a studio or is your studio at home?
OShun Williams: I just relocated to Downtown Detroit and currently work out of my studio at home. I love that I am in Detroit and am exposed to new opportunities by relocating here.


AOTCE: Did you show your work during the past year?
OShun Williams: Yes, I just finished up with my first solo show at Harper Galleries and Interiors for the entire duration of February. My work was able to give me a sold-out show for my first solo exhibition. After achieving this great accomplishment, it gave me the fuel to keep creating. I also will be having another solo show later this year in August at NorWest Gallery in Detroit, MI.


AOTCE: Did your art change over the years?
OShun Williams: Yes, my art has evolved successfully over the past 4 years. My artwork used to be very Illustrated and vector-like. In the past I would orchestrate my paintings with a lot of solid line work and color. The best description I could give of my earlier work would be cartoonlike. Now pieces give an impression of surrealism and chronicle messages from my life journey.


AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?
OShun Williams: My work can now be seen on Instagram and via Facebook. I will be having a solo exhibition later this year in August at NorWest Gallery in Detroit, MI.


AOTCE: What do you hope the viewer will come away with after viewing your work, and is that important?
OShun Williams: I want viewers to understand that my paintings are an indication of the past, present, and imminent plans for my life. I want my viewers to understand that life will always face you with adversity. As a young African artist life can sometimes be difficult and even unfair. I take my negative situations and turn them into positive directions. One of my greatest accomplishments in life was becoming a father. My kids are now the motivation I use to create generational wealth. I love that I can provide a future of wealth that I never had.


AOTCE: Who is your favorite artist or influence?
OShun Williams: If I had to choose a favorite artist it would be Judy Bowman. Judy has become a successful trailblazer for artists in the Detroit Fine Arts Breakfast club. The path that she once walked is now the same path I now wander along. She is a great testimony on how
to become a prosperous artist coming out of Detroit.


AOTCE: What words of wisdom would you like to leave our readers?
OShun Williams: Preparation will always meet opportunity.

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OSHUN WILLIAMS - All credit for the photography goes to the artist and is copywriter. All rights to all images remain the property of the artist and can not be reproduced in any way without the written consent of the artist.

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