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AOTCE readers are the best and we sure do appreciate you coming to this site every quarter to get a little artistic nurishment. 


This quarter we intend to bring you something new.  First, we at AOTCE are proud to introduce artist Tiera Knaff who is infusing comic characters into her fine art.  You will enjoy reading about her journey and her future thinking ideas.  Second, Artist On The Cutting Edge brings you something that we all do, eat.  Belinda Beard the Eggroll Diva cooks up a family recipe passed down from her mother Cynthia Bell and her story is worth the read.  We get hungry just thinking about these delicious eggrolls!  Third, but not least, we are bringing a new feature to AOTCE titled "Get Your Read On".  As you can image it 's about books and we hope that you will get off your telephone for a bit and read some of these amazing well written tomes, whether they be fiction or non-fiction, historical, about food, learning a new skill, music, sports, poetry, you name it, we hope you will take your book to the beach, read it in your favorite comfy chair, waiting in your car, or recommend it to others because it was so darn good.  Read, Read, Read!


As always we invite your questions and comments as well as your submissons.   Good reading and have yourselves a great and productive day!


Yours truly,

Valerie Fair

AOTCE Publisher

Artists On The Cutting Edge is a quarterly online magazine devoted to showcasing underrepresented visual artists, sculptors, ceramicist, cartoonist, architects, actors, authors of poetry and other written genre, comedians, and more.

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