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Hello from the AOTCE family!  We hope that being sequestered has given each of you a newer perspective on what the word "freedom of movement" means.  Even though we are advised

that the virus is still with us while taking on newer and more thunderous form, our movement

is a bit freer and most states have lifted the mask mandate.   We at AOTCE advise caution and continue to stay safe.  

This quarter we are offering up a new and critical voice in the world of art.  He has made the leap into territories that are new and less travelled.  When we speak of cutting-edge, we envision an artist such as Kris Rhymes.  His work takes what we would generally think of as a spice or food item and transformed the way we see chocolate forever.  Not only is chocolate good to eat, it also is  a medium in the roster of tools that an artist such as Kris uses in his art.  We advise you to take a minute or several to view the amazing works by Kris Rhymes.  In addition to what is presented in this publication, please follow him on  social media to see more of his art.

We also feature the work of Colibri The Artist and her co-worker and fellow artist Debbie LaPlatt.  Colibri and Debbie work together at WJZZ hosting a show titled "Get Down and Dirty Talking Art".  We are honored that they have decided to share their artwork with us.   Colibri The Artist is a painter and Debbie LaPlatt works in ceramics aka clay.  Both artists are talk show hosts out of the Detroit area and have interviewed many local artists.  We hope that you will get a chance to see their show and commit to memory many of the talented artists they interview.

We appreciate our readers and your support of our vendors in the Shopping Section of the website.  Please contact me about listing your sites on AOTCE on a quarterly or yearly basis!

Good Health,

Valerie Fair

AOTCE Publisher

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