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Interview by Valerie Fair

ARTISTS ON THE CUTTING EDGE:  When did you get into the arts?

Lowaunz Farrow:  Growing up surrounded by a Love for music, dance, and visual expression, Art has always been a part of my life. By inserting creative thought into everything I try to make whatever I’m doing (cooking, taking pictures decorating, framing, pet grooming, making jewelry etc) my own.

AOTCE: What type of art do you do?  Representation, abstract, etc.

Lowaunz Farrow: My Photographic journey started in1995 while traveling on scuba diving excursions throughout the Caribbean and pursuing a desire to explore the world. With a film camera and adventurous spirit I started shooting and capturing mother earths beauty and life experiences.

AOTCE: What is your subject matter?

Lowaunz Farrow: Whatever draws my attention or moves my heart- people, nature, cultural realities, such as the decline or growth of a community. Raw elements of simple life, brilliantly colored images of life dictating art & untold stories of ancestral truths.

AOTCE: What is your medium of choice and do you use more than one?

Lowaunz Farrow: It all started with an AE1 Canon film camera and developing my own black & white film. I loved the dark room process. Creating & manipulating negatives and prints, using infrared film was mysterious and unpredictable. I now use a digital camera. It’s easier when traveling and editing.

AOTCE: Do you create regularly and if so, how often?

Lowaunz Farrow: Photography is my creative balance… an energetic source. I shoot as often as I can and edit through a large library of images at least every other day.  I look forward to doing more shooting and exhibiting.  Photography is a creative outlet.

AOTCE: What is your motivation?

Lowaunz Farrow: My motivation/vision is to intuitively embrace the essence within each moment as it calls to be revealed.  Recognizing sensibilities and vulnerabilities of my subject allows me to shoot with intention and emotional curiosity. It is also joyful, challenging & motivating to print and creatively frame my own images.  

AOTCE: Are you compelled to do this type of work? Is photography work or expression?

Lowaunz Farrow: Photography is an expression of Artistry of Life informing ART to voice vision and speak truth.  True color in the raw… raw color of the truth.

AOTCE: What advice would you give someone who may be interested in doing the work you do?

Lowaunz Farrow: My advice for blossoming photographers is to practice and think outside of the box.  Speak through the lens as a way to create & empower your individual vision.

AOTCE: Did you have a mentor or do you mentor others?

Lowaunz Farrow: John Beckett Advertising & Commercial Photographer taught & inspired me with technical aspects of studio light, model & portrait shooting with calm assurance. Deadra Bryant Portrait Editorial/ street Photographer inspires me to engage my subjects and get them to open up even when they’re reluctant. The Art of communication is vital in connecting with people in unfamiliar territory.

AOTCE: Do you work from a studio?


Lowaunz Farrow: I work from home and have studio equipment.

AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?  Gallery, or online presence?

Lowaunz Farrow:  Currently updating my website. To view images, go on Instagram@farrowlight

AOTCE: Who are your greatest influences whether in the arts or not?

Lowaunz Farrow: My greatest influence is my mother.  She surrounded me with Love, laughter, spiritual books, animals, nature and a curious nurturing spirit.  I live a grateful existence transcending art with a pure heart.   Gordon Parks/Photographer/Movie Maker/Producer/Writer also influenced my work.

AOTCE: Thank you for your participation.  

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