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use of unconventional media to create inspired art

Artists On The Cutting Edge: When did you get into the Arts?

KRIS RHYMES I started around 8-9 years of age, coloring books, sketching, observational drawing to then pursuing my career independently at the age of 24.


AOTCE: What type of art do you do? Representation, Abstract, Etc.

KRIS RHYMES:  I'm now on Expressionism and Representation of us as a people.


AOTCE: What is your primary subject matter?

KRIS RHYMES: My subject matter for my next line of work is going into our value, self-worth, and purpose as people. I feel it’s an important time in society to address that, not only for myself but for us as people.


AOTCE: What is your medium of choice, and do you use more than one?

KRIS RHYMES: My medium is Chocolate Syrup... Yeah, I know ha-ha. I started off with that as my niche and soon started using Album Covers as my choice of medium. I'm now currently reintroducing back the chocolate medium with a fresh new twist and revamp


AOTCE: Do you create regularly? How often?

KRIS RHYMES: I create every day, whether that be Art, Barbering, Tattoos, etc.  My mind is always at work creatively.


AOTCE: What is your motivation?

KRIS RHYMES: To challenge and inspire others to see and want more out of life.


AOTCE: Are you compelled to do this type of work? Is it work or expression?

KRIS RHYMES: It's both, more so expression; I'm enjoying this journey because its therapeutic and connects more to our lives as people.


AOTCE: What advice would you give someone who may be interested in doing the work you do?

KRIS RHYMES: Stay true, determined, dedicated, and consistent.      Always keep that passion for what you do and believe in yourself for what you put out into the world.


AOTCE: Did you have a mentor or do you mentor others?

KRIS RHYMES: Not at this moment, I'm looking for mentors.   I do look to mentor youth in the future though.

AOTCE: Do you have any art exhibits coming up?

KRIS RHYMES: My next Art series "Whatcanyacallit" will be Fall 2022.   In the meantime, I'll be getting into the Art public and start doing Festivals, Pop Up Shows, Group Exhibitions, Etc.

AOTCE: Do you work from a studio?

KRIS RHYMES: My studio is my home as of now but soon will be looking to expand.


AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?  Gallery or online presence?

KRIS RHYMES: Right now, I'm just in creation mode; soon I'll be back on the scene with new work to be shown. My online presence will mostly be on Instagram & Facebook, my website is currently being revamped krhymesartistry.com.


AOTCE: Are you affiliated with a Gallery?

KRIS RHYMES: Not at the moment.


AOTCE: Who are your greatest influences whether in the Arts or not?

KRIS RHYMES: My Great-grandparents, Mom, Salvador Dali, Chuck Close, 

Dr. Eugene Grigsby, and Kanye West.

AOTCE: Do you have anything you would like to add to the interview?

KRIS RHYMES: No, just giving thanks, grateful to be part of the magazine.


AOTCE: Thank You for your participation!

KRIS RHYMES: Thank You for having me, I appreciate it!

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