It is Artists On the Cutting Edge's pleasure to bring someone who see's a problem in the community and creatively find the solution.  Kanu Jacobsen is not an artist in the traditional definition, yet, she has been crafting a solution for single people, by providing counseling, who are seeking love.

Kanu Jacobsen

Real Love Real Stories

AOTCE: Hello Kanu, How are you today?  Please tell our readers who you are and what you do?

Hi there …. My name is Kanu Jacobsen and I do transformational work 1) I am a Possibility Champion: I guide single women to change their narrative on how they are perceived and turn it into an advantage to allow love to find them. 2) I am also a Love Guru: I host and produce a Podcast called Real Love Real Stories 


AOCE: Can you briefly tell us your love story?

I was married a wonderful guy I will refer to as M. I met him in the college cafeteria through a mutual friend. I didn’t like what he had to say when I first met him but he won me over after a few dates. We dated for a couple of years and then we got married in 1998. Our love journey lasted 8 years and we went our separate ways. When I found myself on the dating scene again I grew frustrated about how difficult it was to meet good quality men. I became aware of how professional black women are negatively perceived and it made it very difficult to connect and find something meaningful. 


AOTCE: Why did you decide to do this type of work?


I love this question a lot.  My graduate degree is a Master of Arts degree in Counseling.  I knew I didn’t enjoy traditional counseling so after I started my Podcast Real Love Real Stories I decided on using my passion for helping people find love into action.  Over the past 5 years I have heard several women mostly black women tell me how difficult it is to find love.  I started researching and talking to them to understand why… what I found was heartbreaking and I had to do something about it. 


When I discovered that while doing online dating black women are 25% less likely to be asked on a date and also being aware that there are 42% of black women aren’t married.

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KANU JACOBSEN   -  Real Love Real Stories

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AOTCE: What makes you qualified to assist others in their love quest?


Firstly, I really love what I do and I am fully dedicating myself to this work. I love hearing how the work I am doing is transforming my clients lives seriously makes me smile. Secondly, over the years I have been collecting data, researching and interviewing women to really understand. Thirdly, I have tested and tried all that I am teaching. I know it works. Fourth, I have a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling and have extensive experience in therapy and coaching.



AOTCE: What can you offer potential clients?


Clients that come to me to become  love attractors go through a 5 week training program I call “The Single Woman’s Advantage”. The ideal client has 3 options to be transformed 1) e-course (videos and homework assignments) 2) 1:1 private sessions with me and 3) 2-5 girlfriends come together and learn together.  In the 5 weeks I cover 1) Inner Brilliance (Making room for Love)  2) Blind Spots 3) Values 4) Creating Loving world 5) Mind Tasting 


AOTCE: Who would be your potential clients?  Single people, married people, divorce, significant other, etc?


My ideal client is a Single Professional woman who is frustrated about not finding love. She is misunderstood and is perceived as intimidating and unapproachable. She is ready to change her narrative and become a Love Attractor.

AOTCE: Are your clientele exclusively African-Americans or do you interview everybody?


I have 2 offerings: 1) The Single Black Woman’s advantage that is catered specifically for single black women and 2) the Single Woman’s Advantage that catered for all other single women. 

AOTCE: Do you find Africans in the diaspora open to being counseled in matters of love or otherwise?


It really depends on the person. Some are open and some are not. 


AOTCE: On your podcast you offer others to submit and tell their stories, what has been the response to the offer?


I am so grateful for the responses I have and continue to get.  This allows for my listeners to hear love stories from all over the world.  What has also worked is getting recommendations from previous guests or from listeners of the show. 

AOTCE: Have you made any lasting love connections for other people?


Actually yes: I have successfully connected a few couples. 60% of them ended up in a long term relationship and 40% married 

AOTCE: What are your recommendation to others to keep their love connection healthy?

Communication is the key - learn to speak their language.  Seek joy and happiness from within and not from the other person

Also, date yourself especially if your partner doesn't like what you like.


AOTCE: Are there any circumstances that you would recommend that the parties separate or divorce and how would you handle it?


Since I am not a practicing therapist I do not make those recommendations … I live it for the professionals to guide the couples to make a decision that works for them.


AOTCE:  Where can your Podcast, Real Love Real Stories be heard?  

Real Love Real Stories Podcast can be listened on any podcast platform: iTunes, Spotify, pandora, amazon music, iHeartRadio and many others


AOTCE: Is your Real love Real Stories generally a Staged event or has it always been a Podcast? 


As a top ranked storyteller in Arizona one of the things that brought me joy was bringing the communities together for evenings of storytelling.  I had the privilege of doing that in Phoenix, and Oklahoma City and have plans to expand to Dallas, Texas, Portland, Oregon and Vancouver BC, Canada once Covid-19 pandemic is over.


AOTCE: Do you have any parting information for our readers about Real Love Real Stories or life itself?


What I love sharing with my single friends is that “Do what you love and Love will find you".

AOTCE: Thanks you Kanu for your openness and we at AOTCE appreciate your willingness to share!

Thank you so much for featuring me. 


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