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K. BASS SPEAKS is a new offering and affords the reader another perspective.  K. Bass shares her views and gives the reader a chance to respond with their own experiences.  We hope you will respond to what she has written and your comments can be added in the CONTACT US section.

ABOUT K. Bass: I moved to Arizona in 2017 from the Midwest and find myself enjoying the diverse environment and learning the culture of the Southwest.  Currently, I host a weekly, online women's circle that offers support for those who identify with feminine energy and I have authored the book "Alisha with a Kay: Stories from My Inner Child".

Healing Through my Ancestors

by K. Bass

I am a generational pattern shifter who is healing my ancestral line one family member at a time.  I began this journey in 2020 through my path towards healing my inner child.  Then, early in 2021, I listened to a workshop on ancestral healing in which I learned that not all of our trauma belongs to us; it may be passed down from our ancestors.  I do ongoing research of my ancestors and currently I am working with my deceased father to heal our relationship.

Upon my dad's death, he gifted me the relationship with his mother who survived him.  As someone who cherishes my elders, I use this opportunity to learn more about her which provides me insight into his values and how that has influenced me.

My dad comes to me through dreams and in our memories together he has even sent me information about

my birth chart.  Below, I share a piece I wrote titled "Spiritual Protection from our Ancestors" which he inspired me to write during a writing worshop I was attending.  

Spiritual Protection from our Ancestors

Dedicated to Revelations


by K. Bass

When I dream of you

you're often quiet.

Your energy speaks,

but I rarely hear your voice.

You don't have anything to say.

You're just there,

aware of me,

aware of place.


your energy was forceful,

yet fun.

Your voice was strong,

yet jovial.

It was hard not to hear you.

I heard that in your last forty-eight hours,

of your forty-eight year,

you were not yourself.

You were unusually quiet.

I remember our last words.

You were accusatory

so I stood up for myself

and lashed back.

You reverted

and tried to defuse the situation.

But I wouldn't let you,

because I hung up.

Now, I understand why you don't speak

during your visits.

Because you're not allowed to...

I invite you to reflect on how this piece may speak to you, observe how your ancestors show up in your life and how you can heal from the messages they bring to you.