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Editor's Note

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I don't need to remind anyone that it is now a new year, and a fresh start is

upon us.  So, what do we do with this fresh start? Not only have we all come through a major event: the pandemic, with many losses, and two years of our lives used well, or we missed opportunities, either way we continue to achieve despite the pandemic with many new frontiers to conquer. 

It is with this in mind that we present artists who have decided to live their dreams and look at the new year with hope, determination, and inventiveness.  Robbie Best, a visual artist, has decided that age is not a barrier to a dream. Kevin Palmer is a self-described graphic designer, animator, portraiture artist and much more. He uses his design talents to create characters that move into the fine arts seamlessly. Holly Wong continues to innovate with her surprising inclusiveness of the quilt format using new materials and space itself, as a part of its meaning. Stephanie Hall-Ross creates during her off hours and looks forward to a time when doing her art is a full-time pursuit.                                   


Each artist has planned to create their vision of art, regardless of the time they can devote to it.  Each brings a freshness to their art which is uniquely their own and every one of them gives us a view that is full of hope and beauty for the new year.  We are grateful. 

Valerie Fair/Editor

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