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AOTCE: When did you get into the arts?

EBONE JOHNSON: I’ve always been into the arts

from a very young age doodling in my notebook,

creating a whole fashion magazine in my trapper

keeper, to selling my first art piece at a

high school arts fair.


AOTCE: What motivated your entry into the arts?


EBONE JOHNSON: I’m not sure if it was motivation vs just going in the direction I was called to.


AOTCE: Can you explain exactly what you do?


EBONE JOHNSON: I currently own and operate a paint and sip business. Guests register online according to the class date/painting. We teach them from blank canvas to complete artwork in two hours. We also host pop ups at local restaurants and in homes as well.


AOTCE:Do you create regularly?  How often?


EBONE JOHNSON: I honestly don’t create as often as I should but I’ve been challenging myself to

create at least one thing each week.


AOTCE: Are you compelled to do this type of work? Is it work or expression?


EBONE JOHNSON: I’d say it’s a little of both. Sometimes I’m feeling artsy and other times it’s a matter of business/work.


AOTCE: What advice would you give someone who may be interested in doing the work you do?


EBONE JOHNSON: Do it. Everything you need you have already whether it be in people or resources.

We shy away from asking but there are people out there waiting to assist with arms wide open.


AOTCE: Did you have a mentor or do you mentor others?


AOTCE: Do you have any events coming up?

EBONE JOHNSON: Every first Tuesday of the month we are at Lolo’s downtown Phoenix.


AOTCE: Do you have work be seen?  Gallery, or online presence?

EBONE JOHNSON: Yourartparty.com

AOTCE: Who are your greatest influences whether in the arts or not?


EBONE JOHNSON: Black women, experiences in life, being around amazing courageous women


AOTCE: Thank you for your participation.


EBONE JOHNSON: Thanks so much!

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