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Interview by Valerie Fair


Artist On the Cutting Edge: When did you get into the arts?


DEBBIE LaPLATT: I started when i was in high school doing sewing  My mother was a seamstress and TaIlor  i started in 11th grade What inspired me was a dress my mom made me.   I loved being creative and made all my clothes including my Wedding dress.       After i got married i went to a ceramic class and started doing ceramics.  After a year I was really enjoying the ceramics.   I had a friend of mine who had joined me in the class we both had so much fun.   One day she asked me if I wanted to do a CRAFT SHOW!    This was in the late 70’s, I looked at her and said WHAT IS A CRAFT SHOW????????   WELL, WELL, we went to the show in Detroit called St. Peters.    We took the ceramics that we made, we had no idea what we were doing had a fun day and sold about $200.00 of our ceramics.  


Photographer JAMES FELDMAN

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It was neat because we both had kids and thought this is Christmas money.   Well, that started my love for doing  Art and Craft show.  We developed into making Ceramic Christmas Villages, which were personalized with family names on them.  This grew and grew and grew.  My friend left and I was doing this all on my own.  After a number of years, I started to notice some of the Historical buildings in the cities.  Which developed into loving Architecture on so many of the buildings.  I developed my love for building Light Houses for many years.  Knowing about the history of the Light Houses developed into quite a lucrative business, with Michigan having the most lighthouses in the world I developed my business for many years doing art and craft shows all over the state and even out of state.    After a while I felt I need to find a new journey which led me into the Architectural iconic Detroit Tiles.   I can’t get enough of the art.

AOTCE:  What is your medium of choice and do you use more than one?  


DEBBIE LaPLATT: My Medium is Clay /Pottery /Ceramics.  The clay is fired in my kiln and glazed.  I do sometimes place my pieces on a frame or type of wood to enhance the look of my work.

AOTCE: How would you describe your art?


DEBBIE LaPLATT: Representation.  I recreate the iconic buildings of Detroit's Rich History from the Historical Architecture in the city.


AOTCE: Do create regular regularly? How often?

DEBBIE LaPLATT: I love creating and I do it often.  I try to do a little each day.


AOTCE: What is your motivation?

DEBBIE LaPLATT: So much motivation is in my daily life, I am always looking around the city and see so much around, also being with my artists' friends and looking at art i get so motivated and it inspires me to create and think outside the box. 


AOTCE: Is your art, work or expression?

DEBBIE LaPLATT: Wow, I Love doing my work.  It is a passion of mine, recreating and showing the beauty in the city that people are not aware of.   It is never work at all only fun and proud that I am able to express my love for the architectural elements of the buildings.


AOTCE: What advice would you give someone who may be interested in doing the work you do?


DEBBIE LaPLATT: Wow, I do not think I can give them any advice.  The only thing is to find your passions and do what you love and love what you do, nothing more.     


AOTCE: Did you have a mentor growing up or do you mentor others?

DEBBIE LaPLATT: I have not mentors really anyone.  I would love to do that.  To be able to help others with their art career.  I would just  say, do it, keep on pushing and when you make your art think of why.  


AOTCE: Do you have any art shows coming up? 


DEBBIE LaPLATT: All things Detroit, Palmer Park, Belle isle, and a few more i am not sure of as of yet……   



AOTCE: Do you work from a studio?


DEBBIE LaPLATT: Yes i do my studio in my garage?  I love my space it feels so good.


AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?

DEBBIE LaPLATT: My work can be seen on Facebook Debbie La Pratt Art, Instagram is also a website but it's not completed yet.  www. DebbieLa Pratt Art    


DEBBIE LaPLATT AND COLIBRI THE ARTIST work together for radio station Detroit, WJZZ "Get Down & Dirty Talkin Art

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