Le'Noir Verset


Le’Noir Verset was born in Alabama and raised in her imagination. She has been writing poetry since the age of nine and is releasing her first collection this fall, Revolutionary Love.

Before starting to write full time, she experimented with careers in healthcare, marketing, and finance. Traveling is also a passion Le’Noir pursues to create more experiences that expand her worldview.


To find out when Le’Noir is releasing new collections or merchandise visit her publisher’s website: komplexindustries.com or follow her on Instagram @lenoirverset.



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Enjoy selected poems from the book.


I’d walk through fire for you

I mean no shoes high flames, only thing

Remaining is my name

Every part of my physical being rendered to ash

In this grand there’s only one thing that I ask

Remember what was done today

Follow my example

You don’t have to die, just sacrifice yourself

What you believe and who you love

Should be greater than self- preservation

Walk through the fire

Cremate your fear

Stand tall

We stand firm and even as ash we won’t fall

We’ve never been the type to crumble or fold

Forget the greatest story ever told

We are real life saviors

No longer searching for light

We find solace in our darkness.


Words are my craft

Judge them from your preconceived notions

Take from them what you will

Betray them with false praise

Destroy them by misconstruing their meaning

Break them down piece by piece

Kill them by denying their existence

Witness the art, omit the artist

All right to the poetry, as written, belongs to the artists and cannot be used 

as written, without the permission of the artists.