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Messages from my Ancestors 

As part of my journey towards ancestral healing, I decided to research my ancestors. So last fall, I went to my hometown and visited the cemeteries of my loved ones in search of some information about them. In addition to learning about where their graves are located, I learned about the themes of the lives they lived just by cemetery. Here is a poem to reflect my discovery:

The Life of Death

Dedicated to Interment

New place

Same size, all white

Same markings

Lined up in even rows

Facing the same direction

Everything all neat, orderly

Still, quiet

Every one is easily seen

They say “Conform and obey and they’ll take care of you in the end.”


Old place

All shapes

Different markings, different colors

Rows not as defined

Mostly neat with a mix of scattering

The subtle sounds of nature

Some show faces

Some are barely visible

Some are hidden beneath the earth

Creatures watch over

They say “We tried but aren’t always accepted so they won’t take good care of us.”


Rich place

Different markings, colors, shapes

Very tall, very wide, very elaborate

Some are private

Some are ornate

Some have their own place

Splendor all about

Apparent abundance

Famous ones

Town’s history

Navigating a maze

Spending all day

So many here

The sweet sound of trumpets

Willow trees, lakes, swans

They say “We lived the dream so we have the very best.”


Lost place

No one knows

No one cares

Markings barely visible

Some are crooked

Some are sinking into nonexistence

The rushing sound of cars

Barely visible trail

They say “We were the bricklayers but they don’t care.”


Hidden entry

Markings seen for miles

All shapes and sizes

Clean, manicured, seen

They say “We lived for Him and He took care of us.”

Reflection question: What have you recently learned about your ancestors?

ABOUT K. Bass: I moved to Arizona in 2017 from the Midwest and find myself enjoying the diverse environment and learning the culture of the Southwest.  I create spaces for feminine energy to heal and I am the author of "Alisha with a Kay: Stories from My Inner Child".