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Colibri The Artist


AOTCE: What is your medium of choice?


Colibri Harris: I worked mostly in acrylic, but I’ve recently made the switch to oils. I work with clay, fabrics, dyes, pencils, wood, etc. I use whatever is necessary to capture the feeling I need conveyed.


AOTCE: Do you create regularly? How often?


Colibri Harris: I create based on the season. Winters seem to be for painting, spring is for healing, and summer is for film.


AOTCE: What is your motivation?

Colibri The Artist: God and People are my motivation. I feel the need to be the example I needed coming up. Art is therapy. And People need healing. Black people need to SEE the beauty we have in ourselves. I’m driven to show it. 


AOTCE: Are you compelled to do this type of work? Is it work or expression?


Colibri The Artist: Highly compelled! It’s a necessity. It’s also an expression of love.


AOTCE: What advice would you give someone who may be interested in doing the work you do?


Colibri The Artist: Just do it! No one else can do what you do like you. The world needs what YOU bring to the table.


AOTCE: Did you have a mentor or do you mentor others?


Colibri The Artist: Not yet.  I need a mentor.


AOTCE: Do you have any art shows coming up? 

Colibri The Artist: My partner and I have a show called “Out of the Darkness” that celebrates women who shine in dark times. We also have an exhibit coming up called “BLACCK” that shares the narrative of BLACK people from our own perspective. We’re reviving the Detroit Festival of Arts this year as well as a few more exhibits planned for the year. Be on the lookout!


AOTCE: Do you work from a studio?


Colibri The Artist: Yes. I'm blessed to have a studio, Salon, and Gallery space on the first level of my home. I give tours regularly.


AOTCE: Where can your work be seen?


Colibri The Artist: It can be seen on Colibri the Artist on Facebook and Instagram.  My website will be completed in May. 


AOTCE: Are you affiliated with a gallery?


Colibri The Artist: Danahan Arts is my own organization and gallery.


AOTCE: Who are your greatest influences whether in the arts or not?


Colibri The Artist: Oprah, Prince, Adam Sandler, and my Mother. I study each of them and how they move outside of the norm to press boundaries. 

AOTCE: If you have anything you would like to add to the interview, please do so now.


Colibri The Artist: Hey Family! I love y’all! MUAH!


AOTCE: Thank you for your participation Colibri The Artist.

AOTCE: When did you get into the arts?

Colibri The Artist: I used to draw on anything I could get my hands on. My parents got me my first easel when I was 4 years old.


AOTCE: What type of art do you do?


Colibri The Artist: I do a mixture of Representational Art and Abstract. I also express myself through performing Arts, film, and healing arts as well.


AOTCE; What is your subject matter?


Colibri The Artist: My subject matter has always been Black People. Women, Children, Men….

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