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Belinda Beard is the EggRoll Diva out of the Detroit area.  She has taken a few minutes out of busy schedule to talk briefly with AOTCE about her delicious eggrolls.


Artists on the Cutting Edge: Hello Belinda or should I call you the EggRoll Diva?

Belinda Beard-EggRollDiva: Laughing and smiling...You can call me either!

Artist on the Cutting Edge: When did you decide to make egg rolls?

Belinda Beard-EggRollDiva: I've made them since I was a child, this was something that I've cooked and served over the years to friends and family. 


AOTCE: Did you like egg rolls as a child?

EggRollDiva: I loved egg rolls, they were my favorite item that my mother made. She had such great cooking ability and was so versatile in the kitchen, I loved all of her cooking. 


AOTCE: Were the egg rolls something your mother made as a treat?

EggRoll Diva: My mother made the egg rolls all the time, but we definitely considered them a treat, she made egg rolls popular in Ypsilanti, she was known as the egg roll lady.


AOTCE: When and why did you decide to make it a business?

EggRollDiva: Right before the pandemic, I started a social media account for EggRollDiva, I wanted to secure the name.  A friend told me that I was the "EggRollDiva" so I loved it and took it from there.

I had been cooking these egg rolls for friends and family my entire life, people would always mention that I should sell them.  I thought about it and made it a part-time thing on the weekends, it took off like wildfire and within months I had a thousand followers.  The business kept growing throughout the Pandemic, I got a food tent and started doing festivals, catering, and then I found a food trailer.  It's been the best decision that I've made to create the business!


The EggRoll Diva showcases her mouth watering eggrolls.  

AOTCE: Who were your biggest supporters and did they push you to open a business?

EggRollDiva: My biggest supporters from Day 1 was my sister Ciana and my husband Paul.  All of my sisters were in from the beginning and gave me so much support and advice and they continue to do so.

My friends are super supportive, I go to them for advice as well.  My brother James is a great support, working with me and my friend Joy has been amazing with her support.  All of my family has supported me in some way, I am super grateful. 


AOTCE: What made you decide to do different flavors of egg rolls?

EggRollDiva: I started with my mother's original turkey egg rolls, these were the ones that I made forever. Then I started getting requests for vegan egg rolls, so I came up with a recipe for that.

Slowly I started adding other flavors and it grew to like 4-5 flavors and now I have 10 flavors.


AOTCE: What flavors do you offer?

EggRollDiva: I offer 10 varieties of flavors, right now I rotate 4-5 egg rolls for pop-ups.  I have Cheeseburger Egg Rolls, Ground Turkey Egg Rolls, Crab Rangoon Egg Rolls, Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls, Vegan Southwestern Egg Rolls, Philly Cheesesteak Egg Rolls, Shrimp Fried Rice Egg Rolls, Corned Beef Egg Rolls, Peach Cobbler Egg Rolls, Bananas Foster Egg Rolls

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