Cover Photo: "I Beez in the Trap"
18" x 24" Digital Graphic, March 2019
Photographer: N/A

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Photograph by Dele Nguyen

self portrait.jpeg

Artist Tiera Knaff

Artists On The Cutting Edge: What was your journey into the arts?

Tiera Knaff: I have been an artist ever since I can remember.  Watching cartoons is what really fascinated me with the arts.  I always drew them as a child, even in kindergarten.  I know that I was destined to be an artist. 

AOTCE: So, how long have you been in the arts?

Tiera Knaff: I've been into art ever since I've touched planet earth honestly.  As funny as that sounds I've been a creator all my life.  I am still creating to this day

AOTCE:Who were your biggest supporters and how:

Tiera Knaff: My biggest and first supporters are of course my family.  They have always supported me since I started my art journey.  I can always count on them to uplift me to keep creating when some days I am feeling low or have a "creator's block".

AOTCE: Have you ever taught art?

Tiera Knaff: Yes, I have!  I taught a sneaker design class in Canton, Michigan last year 2021, to a group of boys, ages 8-13 years.  I taught them how to paint and draw their own ideas on sneakers, making them a one-of-a-kind custom.  I helped them design their own vans based on special themes they pulled from a hat. 

AOTCE: How would you describe your work and what category do you think the historians would put your art?

Tiera Knaff: I would describe my art as "Artificial Realism".  I have the ability to mix my cartoon style with realism effects.  Historians would probably categorize my style as contemporary, maybe pop art.  

AOTCE: Are you a full time artist?  If not what else do you do?

Tiera Knaff: No, but that is a goal of mine to become one.  I'm also a Krumper and I work with mortgage loans on the side.  I know this is a weird combination.

AOTCE: What is your medium of choice?

Tiera Knaff: My go to medium of choice is acrylic paint mostly, and ballpoint pens are a favorite of mine as well.  I do a bit of digital graphic work too.

AOTCE: Do you have a studio outside of your living space or is your studio at home?

Tiera Knaff: I don't have a separate studio at the moment, but I definitely turned my room into a headquarters to work from.

AOTCE: Did you show your work during the past year?

Tiera Knaff: Yes, I did?  I actually had my first solo show at the Cherry Hill Village Theater in Canton, MI.  My show was up for the whole month of June.  It was awesome to see a gallery with only my work, because I'm so used to showcasing with other artist.  I recommend all artists have at least one solo show in their art careers.

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