So, you think that creating has a limit based on your age?  Well, think again.  Ms. Annette Yates debukes all of those myths.  She will run rings around the younger generations with her ability to "Get Things Done".  You will not find this community leader talking about doing, she is about doing it.  She speaks to the "doers and creators in all of us.

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Annette Yates/Owner of Setay's Dance and Fitness Studio

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Interview by AOTCE staffer

AOTCE: Hello Annette, welcome to AOTCE the online magazine.  We are glad you joined us.  Would you tell AOTCE reader exactly what you do?

ANNETTE YATES: I am the owner of SETAY Dance and Fitness, "A Healthy Lifestyle Event Center" and the former owner of Curves at South Mountain a Women’s Fitness studio.

AOTCE: What part of the country (United States) did you originate?    

ANNETTE YATES: Prior to relocating to Phoenix, AZ and becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Yates was employed for 25 years as an IT professional in various senior level positions with Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Richmond, VA. Her vast experience and years of service in various Information Technology positions afforded her the opportunity to gain an expert level of professional, and organizational project & process management skills.

AOTCE: Did growing up, as you did, motivate you to do more?

ANNETTE YATES: Growing up in one of the rural areas in Virginia and not having the opportunities that were afforded by those who lived in cities motivated me to be tenacious and a go-getter and the leader among my high school peers.  After graduating number ten in my high school class and realizing that my parents could not afford college, I relocated to Richmond, Virginia, where I was able to pursue employment opportunities that would allow me to be financially self-sufficient to pay for my own college and also, to  gain the corporate skills that would allow me to excel in several top Information and Technology positions.  

AOTCE: What drives you to do the work you do?

ANNETTE YATES:  Music and dance have always been a part of my life.  After relocating to Phoenix, I was afforded the opportunity to own a fitness facility where music was being played continuously.  This introduction to business eventually allowed me to combine dance and fitness as a way to encourage other to live a healthy lifestyle through movement.

AOTCE:  Do you continue to work in the arts?  If not, what do you do today?


ANNETTE YATES: I have been working in the arts for eleven years now and have felt very rewarded through my efforts to offer Healthy Lifestyle movement solutions to the community at an affordable price.

AOTCE: Is your space open to anyone in the community?

ANNETTE YATES: Yes. Setay Dance and Fitness is a Healthy Lifestyle Event Center that is open to all ages, nationalities and genders.

 AOTCE: Do you offer business counselling?

ANNETTE YATES: Being in the business of renting space to instructors who are bringing their passion for dance and fitness provides me with opportunities to mentor the instructors seeking to own their own businesses.

AOTCE: What would you say to someone just starting out in business?

ANNETTE YATES:  After learning about in a business class and immediately joining the organization when I purchased my first business eleven years ago.  For guidance I encourage potential new business owners to seek them out for entrepreneurship advice and mentorship on a consistent basis.

AOTCE: What business model do you admire and strive to be similar in execution?

ANNETTE YATES: SETAY currently executes a non-conventional business model that was created for a Solopreneur to use technology for business operations and to save resource expenses. 


E. Annette Yates, Owner

SETAY Dance & Fitness

7430 S 48th Street Suite 103

Phoenix, AZ 85042

602 438-7455

Web Address:

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