Phoenix Center for the Arts

Offers many classes for children and adults, camps, events, outreach programs  and The Art Beacon a directory to keep

artist informed about upcoming events,

including listing a of a call to artist.


Mesa Arts Center

Offers many events, classes and many

ways to get involved. 

WUBAZ Newsletter Phoenix Arizona

Lizz Woody



Scottsdale Public Art

Stay informed by visiting the Scottsdale Public Art site.  This site offers many

ways to get involved as an

artist and for the public.



Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

Offers much to see and do.  Located in Old Town Scottsdale it is a beacon for tourist as well as the community.  Art exhibits, current and upcoming, class offerings, and a blog are all available for public consumption. 



Phoenix Art Museum

There is so much to see and do at this museum.  Tour the current and future exhibits, hear artists speak, join and receive the e-newsletter, see the museum collection, internships and more.



Desert Botanical Gardens

A surprise awaits you at every corner.  Musical performance can be heard in the gardens along with talks and poetry reading by various artists. There are classes to be had a newsletter to stay informed about upcoming events. 

Open daily 8 A.M. - 8 P.M.

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